First impressions of your business are so important; a negative impression can sometimes be impossible to make your way back from. On the other hand, a positive impression can boost your clients experience with your business. This can offer huge benefits for all parties involved.

This offers proof as to why the right process, techniques, equipment and products should be used for professional restoration of your commercial wooden flooring. We ensure a high quality finish with our expertise and attention to detail.

There are particular wooden floors that are ideally suited to a commercial premises. Some believe that wooden flooring is the ideal solution which can be further testified by their popularity throughout offices, museums, pubs, shops, halls and galleries.

Why are Wood Floors so Popular?

  • Their appearance
  • Their functionality
  • Their durability
  • Their ability to deal well with high foot traffic, moisture and temperature fluctuations

Wood Floor Sanding BeaconsfieldThe process for restoring wood floors once, over time, they have become damaged or worn is key. TOP TIP: Firstly repair all damaged areas; boards that have possibly rotted or are too badly damaged can be replaced at this point.

A wood cleanser may be needed to remove grease, oils or ingrained dirt from the surface of the wood boards. The sanding process involved uses progressively finer grades of sand paper. For a floor such as those found in gymnasiums, an extremely smooth finish is required.

The selected wood finish also needs to suit the environment and usage. For all commercial properties an extremely durable finish is pivotal to the overall success. It ensures that the flooring remains looking at its best for a long as possible.

Have you got a commercial wood floor that has seen better days? Are you intrigued what it would cost to fully sand and restore it? Our service is cost-effective and efficient. Please call today to arrange a quotation on 01494 727422.