It is an accepted fact that hardwood floors may be favored because they can be fully restored if and when necessary. There are a whole host of issues that floor sanding can fix and these variations provide exceptional opportunities to provide our services throughout Buckinghamshire.

Floors that have become damaged and worn deserve to be restored. Why?

  • Restoring Wood Floors BuckinghamshireBecause wood floor sanding is a cost effective service.
  • Because sanding wooden floors can ensure the longevity of your flooring.
  • Because wood restoration services provide you with the opportunity of altering the appearance of your wooden floor. You are able to select darker or lighter finishes to drastically change the look of the floor.
  • You may be completing a home restoration project and uncover an old wooden floor.
  • Because the process pays testament to floors that have been laid for many decades.
  • Because the process will inevitably improve the appearance of your floor.
  • Because it will stop further deterioration of your flooring and prevent the floor from getting to a point where it is impossible to restore.

Each of these points provide an insight into the true benefit of the floor sanding service that we offer. This will restore the floor to like-new condition.

A question that we have been asked before is about whether the sanding process is safe for pets. Our service is completely safe for your pets, however, we always advice that pets are kept off the floor during the sanding and finish processes. The floor needs to be fully dried prior to any pet walking on the surface. This not only ensures that your floors are not littered with footprints but it ensures that the wood finish is not contaminated by dirt or hair.

Why not give us the opportunity to provide you with a quotation; we will set a date that is convenient for you and we will be on hand to offer information and advice that you may need. Call today on 01494 727422.