We were asked to sand this oak flooring in Knightsbridge. The homeowners had become frustrated with its uneven appearance and felt as though it was making the room look unsightly.

Sanding Oak Floors KnightsbridgeAt the point of the quotation we discussed the work that would need to be completed; information about the sanding process allows our clients to be part of the project. It is also important to relay information about wood finishes so that they can select the best-suited alternative and feel as though this decision has been an informed one.

Oak floors are incredibly popular; it is understood that this is for a large range of reasons. Why?

  • It is attractive in its appearance
  • It is hard-wearing
  • It is long-lasting
  • It can be restored if worn or damaged

Oak flooring is hard enough to offer resistance against scratches and denting. It is a versatile wood product and lends itself to many settings.

The wood finish selected for this particular job was a wood lacquer. This re-enforces the structural sturdiness of the oak. A lacquer is incredibly hard wearing and protective coating.

Sanding Oak Flooring KnightsbridgeThe entire floor was fully sanded with our sanding system. This produces a strikingly smooth surface that is then ready for the finish to be applied.

Did you know…? Wood floor lacquers are available in different finishes including satin, gloss and matt. They can also be applied with different techniques.

Once the floor sanding work was completed we offered our client advice that would help to make their floor looking great, for longer. A top tip that we offer is to make sure that mats are placed at all external doorways.

This means that particles that can cause damage to wood floors, like grit, are caught in the mat fibres and stopped from damaging the wood floor under your footwear. If you would like to enquire about our wood floor restoration service please call today on 01494 727422.